Store Launch Details!

Store Launch Details!

Hello, all! Welcome to my store!

I wanted to give some background on why I'm launching the store and what you can expect! The main thing to note for now is that I'm launching with signed books, then I'll add products like stickers, mugs, bookmarks, jewelry, and my books in other versions (ebooks and audio) - you can see a sneak peek of some of the upcoming items below!

Why am I launching a store? There have been a lot of glitches at retailer sites like Amazon when it comes to books, so this gives me a place to always have books on hand for those who want to purchase. I'll also be able to run sales and promotions that are sometimes restricted on other sites, and I'll be able to sell fun merch like mugs and stickers.

When does it launch? The shop launches to Patreon members first, then I'll open it up to everyone else!

Where do you ship to? The store will initially be limited to customers in the US when it first opens, then I'll expand later to the UK, EU, AU, CA, and NZ. This is because taxes are so complicated and I'm still figuring it all out (for example - some countries tax ebooks, but not audiobooks, and maybe paperbacks…it is so confusing). If you'd like your country to be included, hit reply and let me know, and I'll see what I can do. I'm also based in the US, and shipping is costly overseas, so keep that in mind before shopping!

Will you have signed paperbacks? There will be a limited number of signed paperbacks available to US customers (with shipping costs, it just doesn't make sense to ship internationally at this point but I'm working on it). I'm getting all the covers for the Royals series redone, so I'm going to wait until that's complete next year before keeping larger quantities on-hand.

I've already bought a paperback or got one as a gift! Can I get a signature bookplate? Good news! For those who have already purchased paperbacks, I'll be giving away bookplates to you for free! Fill out this form.

What about ebooks and audio? You will eventually be able to purchase ebook versions of all my books (except for the Italian Shipping Millionaires series, which is being updated), and audiobooks for the first 3 Royals books. These should go live by the new year or early next year, and the audiobooks will also launch on other retailer sites next year too (I want to update all the Royals covers first before launching them).

Can I still buy your books on Amazon, Apple, etc.? All of my books are still available on major e-Retailers (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google, etc.). Having my books (in various forms like ebooks, paperbacks, and audios) in my shop provides me an additional way to sell books if there are glitches on the retailer sites, which seems to be happening a lot recently.

What other products will you have? Other than books, I'll have some great products for sale including bookmarks, stickers, mugs, and jewelry to start (with new designs and products added each week)! These products are created on demand (meaning they haven't been produced already, they are created when you actually place an order) so the processing and shipping time is longer, but this helps me keep costs down. The majority of physical products are created and shipped via my various production partners, but things like bookplates and some signed books will be shipped by me personally.

Store Launch Sneak Peek

Since I'm opening the shop for the first time, there may be some glitches, so I appreciate your patience as I get the kinks worked out!

If there's a character or couple you'd like to see more designs for, let me know! I'd love to add more products, but I need to know who you'd like to see first, and what products you're interested in (like t-shirts, etc.).
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