Collection: Bundles of Bookish Goodness

Here you'll find all the bundles you'd want for a fraction of the cost if you'd bought everything separately. This includes:

  • eBook Bundles - a.k.a. collections, box sets, or anthologies. Two or more of Marianne Knightly's books in one convenient bundle. This could include multiple books into a single ebook box set, or a bundle where you'll receive each book separately. These are digital products (no physical product will be mailed). After you purchase, you'll get an email from BookFunnel with instructions to download your ebooks and add them to your favorite eReader or eReading app.
  • Paperback Bundles - These are individual books bundled together for a discounted price. These are physical products that will be mailed.
  • Art Print Bundles - These are art prints featuring characters and couples from Marianne Knightly's books and can be NSFW (not-safe-for-work) or SFW (safe-for-work) images. These are physical products that will be mailed.