About Me

Hello and Welcome! Here's some more info about me...

Under the pen name Marianne Knightly, I've written over 30 novels/novellas/short stories of sexy, soulful (and sweary) contemporary romance and romantic suspense, and you probably know me best from my novels set in my fictional country of Valleria®. (P.S. - if Valleria were a real place, I'd totally live there. For now, I live in the Washington, D.C., metro area.)

I'm also a proud South Asian author that identifies as both female and non-binary and uses she/they pronouns.

I've written royal romances, small-town romances, and about sexy Italian men. My stories feature some of your (and my!) favorite tropes, including childhood acquaintances that fall in love as adults (who will go on to rule a country), royal weddings, playboy princes, a bodyguard falling in love with the princess he protects, one-night stands that turn into more, second chance and secret child romance, workplace romances (more than one), military romances (also more than one), diverse heroes, and numerous soulful stories about heroes and heroines discovering the self-worth they didn't believe they had.

My books focus on relationships - the families we're born with, and the families we make through friendships and life. They focus on the love we find, the love we let go of, and, of course, the love we make. These are heat-filled, happily-ever-afters with swearing and SOUL, and that means that many of my books could contain content that might be considered emotional triggers. Please check individual book pages for triggers involved with specific books before buying. If you're unsure if a book is right for you, contact me! I want everyone to have a good experience with my books, even if that means you don't read one.

If you want to know what I'm working on next, then head to my main author website and visit my Coming Soon page and FAQs for more details. You can also sign up for my reader newsletter to get any updates first, and get a free Royals short story!