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Royals of Valleria Box Set (Books 1-3) EBOOK

Royals of Valleria Box Set (Books 1-3) EBOOK

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Three books. Three princes. Three chances to fall in love.

These novels feature royal families that love one another (even while they annoy or fight with each other), elements of suspense and politics, and a look behind fictional palace walls.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Excellent series…You must read the series, it's got love story [and] crazy drama. Keeps you entertained. You'll fall in love with the characters.”


  • Alexander & Rebecca
  • Marcello & Grace
  • Arianna & Finn

Main Tropes

  • royal romance
  • romantic suspense
  • family saga
  • arranged marriage
  • best friend's older
  • celebrity
  • he falls first
  • falling for fiancé's brother
  • forced proximity
  • marriage of convenience
  • military
  • opposites attract
  • protective prince (who's also a spy)
  • protective prince
  • relatable heroine
  • secret spy mission
  • spare heir
  • virgin romance
  • widow with a tragic past



A future king claiming the woman he loves. A commoner falling in love with a prince. An unexpected threat that can destroy them both.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great read...The characters are lovable and there's plenty of action, suspense and spice to hold your attention..."


A widow with a tragic past, who never thought she’d love again. A prince protecting his country, torn from the woman he loves for a dangerous mission.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Intrigue and just a great read. I again fell in love with the series and all of the characters. Didn't mind buying all them.”


A Princess engaged to a man she doesn’t love. Drawn to another man she shouldn’t want. For a love that won’t be denied.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great story…I just finished this book and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the characters in this story...”

Read a Scene!

“You left before I got a chance to do this.” He cupped her face and brought her pink, unadorned lips to his. He started slow, with gentle brushes of his tongue against her lips. With a sigh, she opened for him and he felt a ridiculous surge of triumph. They spent several minutes like that with each other. Eyes closed, simply kissing.

When that was no longer enough, he laid them down on the bed, side-by-side. One broad, masculine hand shifted down to her leg, caressing her calf and moving upward. When he reached her knee, he shifted her leg over his hip and pulled her closer. Even through the robe and boxers, she would be able to feel what she was doing to him now, what she had been doing to him for months.

His hand continued up her thigh, and teased the edge of her nightgown before slipping underneath. He studied the curves of her ass, memorizing each one by touch, before slipping a finger between her cheeks and traveling to her silky folds from behind. He groaned at the wetness he found there and she gasped.

“Al-Alex,” she stuttered as she suddenly realized where they were. “What are you doing?”

His lips continued a path down her slender neck, and to the curve of her shoulder. Rebecca’s hands, which had been fisted in his hair, forced his head away from her addictive body. “What do you think I’m doing, darling?”

“Seducing me.”

It was then that he noticed a slight fear in her eyes. Cursing himself, his hands stopped teasing her. It was her first time with a man, after all, and why that thought had his cock surging was beyond him.

He dropped his head to her chest. He desperately wanted to kiss her there, taste her heat, but he held back. “Rebecca, I told you I wouldn’t lie and I won’t.” His eyes lifted to hers again. “I do want to make love with you—I won’t deny that—but there’s another reason I want you.”

She was quiet for a moment before she said, “You need a wife, and this is how you’re trying to convince me?”

Alex shook his head. “I’m not here because I need a wife or the country needs a queen, though that’s true. I’m here because I need you, Rebecca.” He pulled her closer, her full breasts pressed tightly against him. “I don’t just want your body; I want your heart. I need your kind, generous heart.”

“Oh, Alex. I don’t know what to say to that.”

He put two fingers against her lips. “Don’t say anything, not until you’re sure of how you feel.” She nodded.

“I don’t, however, want there to be any mistake as to how I feel.” He cupped her face and said, “I love you, Rebecca Campo. I love your warmth, your kindness, your generosity. I love the way your body drives me absolutely crazy and the soft sighs that escape your lips when I kiss you. I love the way your body fits against mine.”

Alex brushed away a tear on her cheek. “I never thought seriously about marriage or becoming a father until I realized how I felt about you, even though I’m the future king. That’s the truth.”

“Alex,” she whispered as her hands came to rest on top of his against her cheeks.

“I told you there would be complete honesty between us, and I won’t hold anything back. Not from you.” He slipped his arms easily around her.

“If you can be honest with me, then I can be honest with you,” she said as she cupped his face. “I’m not sure if I love you, Alex. I’m not saying that to hurt you.”

“I know, darling.” He kissed her hand on his cheek, though a sharp pain ricocheted inside him.

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for what loving you means. I know that I do care for you, I admire you and respect you. You have so much weight on your shoulders, and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to help you carry that load.”

His hands caressed her shoulders, shifting the slim straps of her nightgown. “I know your shoulders are more than capable, if that makes a difference.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for all of that, but I do think I’m ready for one thing.”

“What’s that?”

She blushed before she asked, “Will you stay the night with me, Alex? Make love to me?”

Her words went straight to his cock. God, he wanted her, but was it the right thing to do? “Rebecca,” he groaned at his indecision.

“I know I’m not very experienced.”

He kissed her next words right off her lips. “The fact that you are inexperienced arouses me more than anything.” He pushed his now erect cock against her and she gasped. “To be your first, and hopefully only; I can’t tell you how that makes me feel.”

“Will you stay?” she asked again.

“Forever, if you’ll have me. As for tonight, perhaps this answers your question.” He shifted back and off the bed. He locked eyes with Rebecca as he slowly untied the sash of his robe. He pulled out some condoms he’d brought along from a pocket and threw them on the nightstand.

He watched her eyes as he kicked off his shoes, and slid the robe off his body, letting it pool on the floor around him. He watched her swallow and lick her lips before he pulled his boxers down.

She gasped.

This was a scene from Alexander & Rebecca's story! If you enjoyed it, grab the bundle for more steamy, soulful reads.

Content/Trigger Warnings

Please note that all of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing.

Here are some of the content warnings/triggers you'll find across the whole bundle. Triggers vary by book so each book will not have all of the following.

  • Assault (groping, and threat of sexu@l assault)
  • Dangerous situations that threaten life
  • Discussion of past physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse
  • Discussion of potential sexual and physical assault
  • Kidnapping

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