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Arianna & Finn (Royals of Valleria 3) AUDIOBOOK

Arianna & Finn (Royals of Valleria 3) AUDIOBOOK

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A Princess engaged to a man she doesn’t love.

Drawn to another man she shouldn’t want.

For a love that won’t be denied.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Mztinks “Romance, Intrigue and just a great read. I again fell in love with the series and all of the characters. Didn't mind buying all them.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Misty Dawn “Great story…I just finished this book and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the characters in this story. I have read the other two books in this series and they all work together...”


Narrated by Sarah Kempton



  • royal romance
  • marriage of convenience
  • arranged marriage
  • spare heir
  • falling for fiancé's brother
  • family saga


A Princess engaged to a man she doesn’t love.
Proper Princess Arianna vowed to stay on the straight and narrow after a disastrous decision years ago embarrassed both her and her royal family. When a marriage of convenience is proposed between her and Brazenbourg’s ruling prince, she jumps at the chance for redemption. She doesn’t believe in love anymore – at least she thought she didn’t until she met her fiancé’s brother, Prince Finn.

Drawn to another man she shouldn’t want.
As second in line to the throne of Brazenbourg, bad boy Prince Finn cares little for his arrogant older brother Henry, but does care deeply for Brazenbourg. When Henry becomes engaged to Arianna for convenience and not love, he can’t help but be intrigued by a woman who would give up her future for her country. When the passionate nature she hides breaks through her prim exterior, Finn realizes he wants her and not just in bed. He knows his brother may make a more proper match, but can he convince her, and himself, to take a chance on each other despite the international fallout?

For a love that won’t be denied.
When Henry’s true motives are revealed and Arianna is placed in danger’s path, can Finn act quickly enough to help her? Or will Arianna need to save herself?

This novel features a proposed marriage of convenience with the wrong man and a love that can’t be denied with the right man, a royal family that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional palace walls.

Read a Scene!

Finn let Arianna lead the way into her room. Once inside, he shut the door and flipped the lock, which made a very definitive click.

He turned to face her as he leaned back against the door. She stood several feet away, facing him. Her body was stiff with tension and her eyes had a shadow of nerves in them.

“Don’t be nervous, Princess,” he said in a soft voice as he began to walk towards her. “You have all the control here. You want me to leave, I will.”

“No,” she said quickly then licked her lips. “No, I don’t want that. This is a delicate situation, that’s all.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard it
called that.”

“No, I mean, we’re here on for
diplomatic reasons. I don’t want to make a mess of things.”

“You won’t. You couldn’t.” He reached up and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Do you trust me?”

“I want to, but I don’t know. We only met each other a few hours ago. Oh, what am I doing?” She turned around and put a hand to her forehead.

“You’re not doing anything except churning yourself up. I can walk out right now if you want me to. There’s no pressure here, except for what you’re putting on yourself.” He paused to let his words sink in before he asked his question again. “Do you feel something for me? Anything?”

She turned around, and her hands now gripped the sides of her dress. Tension? Fear? Lust? He would finally find out. “Yes,” she breathed.

“Are you afraid of the attraction
between us?”

She looked away. “Yes.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No, but I also don’t want to, you

“Kiss? You don’t want to kiss?” he
asked, teasing her lightly. She shook her head. “So, you don’t want to kiss me?”

She met his gaze once more. “No. I mean, yes. I do want to kiss you. I just don’t want to do anything else.”

He could tell she still didn’t trust
him. He’d have to work harder to earn it then. “All right. Just kissing. Go stand against the wall.” Finn gestured to a space of wall between her bed and a sitting area with two chairs that was situated by shuttered windows.

She looked at him curiously but did as he asked, carefully lifting the hem of her dress to walk over in her sky-high heels. When she positioned herself, he spoke again. “Take off your jacket.” She widened her eyes and her hands gripped the sparkling silk. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I think you’ll be more comfortable if you do.”

She looked uncertain for a moment, but then shook off the fitted jacket, her lush breasts tipping slightly forward as she did so. Finn bit his lip to hold back a groan.

Arianna tossed the jacket on a chair nearby, over which her robe also lay. Her soft, tanned skin was calling to him, but he resisted. He was used to holding back his pleasure while his lover found hers first. Arianna would be an excellent lover, he could already tell. Tonight, however, was about trust, as well as seduction and foreplay. It was not about the endgame that accompanied them.

Finn walked over to her and placed his hands on either side of her head, his palms flat against the wall. He held his body away from her and she didn’t reach for him. He knew she would want to, though, eventually.

“Just a kiss then. I won’t even touch you unless you tell me to.” As he leaned forward, he watched as her eyes fluttered shut. Her body was tense and tight in anticipation. He wanted to lick each inch of her exposed skin. Instead, he waited a few moments, then brushed his lips lightly against hers.

She gasped and her breath, sweet from dessert and wine, washed over him. He pressed his lips firmly against hers and she sagged against the wall. The urge to gather her in his arms, hold her up, and keep her safe was strong, but he held back. It had to be her choice.

When she took a breath for air, his tongue joined the action. He took and took, then gave back even more. His teeth nipped lightly at her lips, then soothed with his tongue. She was heady and addictive, and he used no more than his mouth to take what he wanted.

“Finn,” she gasped as she pulled her head to the side. Finn was gasping as well, his hands now fisted against the wall in a battle for control.

“Yes, Princess?”

He saw her struggling with the words, struggling with whatever inner demons were haunting her and pulling her in different directions.

“Shall I leave?” Every molecule in his body rebelled at the thought.

“No.” Her hands fisted in his jacket, holding him still. “Don’t leave.”

“What do you want, Princess?”

“You, it seems,” she said with a sigh. Why did she seem so sad about it?

“We don’t do anything you don’t want to do, Arianna. I think I proved to you that I meant that. You told me you only wanted a kiss, and that’s all I did.”



“Kiss me somewhere else.”

Finn swallowed as his cock twitched. He did not think four words had ever held such meaning or such promise.


That did it.

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • Discussion of potential sexual and physical assault
  • Dangerous situations that threaten life
  • All of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing

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