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Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria 5) EBOOK

Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria 5) EBOOK

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She’s afraid to love again, but he won’t give up on her. Can they find a way towards each other?

This novel features a woman recovering from an abusive relationship and a man moving past his divorce, a family made of friends that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional pub walls.

*Includes multiple epilogues featuring characters from the series (and some Vallerian royals) in the future!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “...The last book in this series. A beautiful read especially with all the epilogue at the end...Liz we met in previous books and you want to hate her but you pity her at times. Luke, a total alpha but he has insecurities due to his past relationship...Their journey to love is a bit crazy, a whole lot of drama and passionate. Another thing you get is family isn't always blood related but in fact is the good people around you that support and love you always. So sad the series is ending but what a way to end it.” 


  • he falls first
  • sexy fling becomes more
  • love after divorce
  • love after abusive relationship
  • found family
  • small town


She’s afraid to love again.
Liz has a secret. No, it’s not her cheating ex who won’t leave her alone (everyone knows about him). No, it’s not her crazy mother acting crazier (which everyone, especially her identical twin, knows about). Her secret is about Luke. No, it’s not the fact they’ve been sleeping together (though that is a secret, sort of). Her secret is that she might be in love with him. But, after everything she went through with her ex, she’s done with love.

He won’t give up on her.
Luke has other plans. He’s watched over Liz for years while she was with a man that didn’t deserve her. Now, he’ll prove to her that they do belong together, even while a woman from his own past reenters his life, challenging his and Liz’s love.

Can they find a way towards each other?
Between dueling exes, frustrating family, and the wedding of the year, can they find their way towards a future together? Come for one last visit to the seaside to find out…

*Includes multiple epilogues featuring characters from the series (and some Vallerian royals) in the future!

This novel features a woman recovering from an abusive relationship and a man moving past his divorce, a family made of friends that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional pub walls.

Read a Scene!

He brushed some hair back from her face and gave her an assessing look. “Change your mind?”

She shook her head. “I want to be in charge tonight. Is that okay?”

He blinked his eyes a few times, then gave her a seductive smile. “Whatever you want, lovely.”

Luke hadn’t taken charge every time they’d had sex, but he definitely led the way most of the time. For this time, their first time as officially going out together, she wanted to lead. “You’re sure?”

“Do whatever you want. If I don’t like something, I’ll let you know, but I’ve loved everything we’ve done together so far. I’m probably up for anything you want to do to me.” He leaned over and nipped at her lip. “Anything.”

She smiled and took his hand, leading him down the hall to the bedroom. She got nervous, though, when she finally saw the bed. Was that silly? They’d both spent a lot of time in that bed, even just that very morning when she’d been naked while he’d brushed her hair.

He squeezed her hand. “Talk to me.”

How did he always know when she felt uneasy? Was she that easy to read? Or was he just paying that close attention? Maybe it was both.

“I’m nervous and I don’t know why.”

“Is there anything we’ve done so far that you didn’t like? Something that made you uncomfortable or…that triggered a memory? It seemed like you’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done, and it didn’t seem like you were faking it, but if you were, you can tell me.”

Damn. She didn’t want him thinking any of that. “I have enjoyed everything we’ve done, no faking. It’s nothing like what you’re thinking. Promise.” She didn’t want to mention him right now, but she needed to explain, make sure he knew. “He didn’t hurt me, not like that. It wasn’t great in bed between us, especially not in the last couple years, but it was never…that.”

He nodded, and something flashed in his eyes—relief? She thought back to their first night together, when she honestly hadn’t expected sex and had just wanted someone to hold her and let her know everything would be okay. The sex had happened naturally, gradually and she now knew that he’d been holding back that first time. He’d gone slower, gentler that time—because he thought she’d been hurt? Had he been thinking this since their beginning?

“I’m glad to hear that, lovely. So, you’re good with everything we’ve done so far?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“That’s a firm yes.” He pressed their hips together and she felt his cock. “Definitely a firm yes.”

“Good. Then take off your clothes and lay down on the bed.”

He gave her ass a squeeze, then stepped back and began his striptease for her.

First, he undid each button of his long-sleeved shirt slowly, agonizingly, while she watched, each button revealing more of the simple white cotton tee he had underneath. He let the shirt lay open for a moment before he shrugged it off. He went to his boots next, toeing them off, then his socks.

She never would have considered feet sexy, but in that moment she did. The strength of them, the life in them. He worked two jobs in those feet, walked to her in those feet, had used those feet to carry her to bed before, had used those feet to bring her coffee, to walk her home, to take care of her, and more.

Yes, those feet were incredibly sexy.

He moved to his tee next, crossing his arms, grabbing the hem, and slowly lifting it up his torso. She saw the happy trail just beneath his belly button, then the thick coating of hair on his chest. He wasn’t completely covered, but there was a lot and it drove her crazy. She loved running her fingers through it, feeling her nipples rubbing against it, feeling the raw warmth and power of his skin and muscles underneath it. Those muscles—honed by hard work and effort—moved, shifted, teased as he pulled the tee off all the way and dropped it on the floor next to his other clothes.

He undid his belt and it made a smacking sound as he pulled it quickly from his jeans and it hit a nearby chair.

She shivered, and heat pooled inside her and started spreading, tingles all over her skin. She wasn’t into that kind of kink, didn’t want that belt to be used on her, but seeing the sheer power in him in that moment, of him shirtless, hungry, and holding that belt with that sexy smile on his face…

She shivered again.

He dropped the belt and then moved to his jeans. He undid the buttons and she heard each click of the zipper as it went down. She could see just a glimpse of his boxers underneath, the tight form-fitting ones he liked to wear.

He pushed down his jeans, letting them pool near his ankles, and he kicked them off. His cock was hungry, eager, and straining against the last piece of flimsy fabric he wore.


He stilled, not moving, waiting for her next instructions.

It was a heady kind of power to control his movements like this, something she hadn’t quite had before. She could take this night wherever she wanted to, wherever they both wanted to. She wasn’t usually so bold, so assertive. Tonight, however, she definitely knew what she wanted, and she knew just how she wanted to get it.

She didn’t want this evening to become about who had the most power. They both had power, she just wanted—no, needed—to wield hers. Maybe it was because she’d had such an uneven relationship before this, maybe because any power she’d had back then was stripped and torn and tamped down until she’d hidden away.

She wanted to feel that side of her again, wanted to feel in control, to know that whatever she wanted—even in bed—wasn’t out of line, wasn’t inconceivable, wasn’t a burden for someone else to give. She could take when she needed to take, and it would be okay. She didn’t have to give and give and give until she was depleted into nothing, not ever again.

“Lay down on the bed.”

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • Woman overcoming past abusive relationship (discussion of past abuse and confrontation with abuser in 'present')
  • Man moving past divorce
  • All of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing

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