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Royally Ever After (Royals of Valleria 7) EBOOK

Royally Ever After (Royals of Valleria 7) EBOOK

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The royal wedding day is finally here … or is it? Will Alex and Rebecca live royally ever after?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Mj “Great book. I loved the ending to their romance story. I wish we all could have a love story like theirs.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Terri “Super good read. A wedding with the trials and tribulations of the most passionate people. Dramatic twists and turns. Funny commentary from just about everyone. But the [heart] of the book is about love and family. I absolutely adore this series and the royal family.” 


  • royal romance
  • royal wedding
  • royal baby
  • romantic suspense
  • medical crisis
  • family saga


The royal wedding day is finally here … or is it?

Alex and Rebecca have already faced some difficult situations over the past year on their way to the aisle, and now they’ll face their toughest challenges yet. An unexpected medical crisis with two members of the family throws into question whether the wedding should be delayed, while an ancient law could destroy their right to get married at all.

As if that weren’t enough, visiting royal relatives wreak havoc in the palace, while a menacing voice from the past arises once more, threatening all they hold dear.

Will Alex and Rebecca live royally ever after?

This novel features a fictional royal wedding, families that love one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional palace walls.

Read a Scene!

She nodded after a beat, then kissed his bare chest and pushed back. “Well, take your pants off then, and get moving.”

He quirked an eyebrow, but did as he was told. “Bossy, aren’t you?”

“You’ll like the bossy in a minute.”

He grinned for the first time that day since they’d heard the news of his father. “I think you’ll like me being bossy more.”

“Let’s test that theory,” she said with a wag of her

As he dropped his last stitch of clothing to the floor, she pushed off her dress. The sight of her underwear had his cock springing to life. “Holy hell. What are you wearing?”

Rebecca looked down, then gasped. She held her dress up as a cover and then rushed from the room. “Don’t look! Don’t look!”

He raced after her—not easy with a stiffening erection—and took hold of her arm. “You’re too late. I’ve already seen it.”

He pulled the dress out of her hands and tossed it aside. Alex ignored the dejected look on her face and gently ran a finger over her lingerie.

She wore a pale purple silk corset that did remarkable things to her already remarkable breasts. The corset stopped just near her belly button, cinching in her waist. A matching silk thong completed the set.

He traced a finger over her soft, plump breasts. “You were wearing this all day? I love all of your lingerie, Rebecca, but this…”

“You weren’t supposed to see it.”

He finally took in her expression. “Why?”

“It’s my wedding lingerie,” she said in a small voice. “To wear under my dress. I was doing a trial run with it, like I did today with my shoes, to make sure I could wear it all day. Now the surprise is ruined.”

He remembered her saying once that she had something wicked planned for their wedding night.

How right she was.

He hauled her against him. "Darling, this is best fucking surprise you could have given me. I know you’re disappointed you didn’t get to surprise me in a few days, but seeing you in this getup is just what I need right now.”


“Really. You don’t need to find another set for the wedding. Though, how am I supposed to keep my cock calm in a church, knowing you’re wearing this underneath your dress? Jesus.”

“Don’t forget the millions of people that’ll be watching us.”

“So the world sees how much I desire you; it doesn’t matter to me.”

She bit her lip, then released it. “I wasn’t sure if I should mention it, but this isn’t the whole outfit.”

He growled as his cock grew even harder. “What?”

“There are stockings and garters, too.”

“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

She giggled, and the sound was like the brightest sun shining on a weary, dark day. “I can surprise you with another lingerie set if you like.” She leaned in closer. “I do have some extra special things I set aside for the honeymoon.”

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • Pregnancy issues and complications
  • Physical assault
  • All of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing

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