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Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria 1) EBOOK

Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria 1) EBOOK

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A slow burn romance about loving and believing in yourself, as much you do the one you love.

This novel features a virgin in her 30s and the disabled Army vet who wants her, a family made of friends that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional pub walls.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Karen Janet “Beautiful. A Mexican Hero. Sexy...And a real woman, not perfect not unrealistic beauty. Slow but SAFE.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Teri Gates “Totally awesome…I love the characters. I love the setting. I love Valleria. I wish I could visit with the characters and the place for real. I own every book this author has. I love reading and rereading them all the time.”


  • slow burn romance
  • multicultural romance
  • found family
  • military (Mexican-Vallerian army vet)
  • hero with disabilities
  • virgin heroine in her 30s
  • heroine with glasses
  • workplace romance
  • boss-employee romance


A slow burn romance about loving and believing in yourself, as much you do the one you love.

She feels she doesn’t deserve him.
Millie could do this. Easy. No problem. So what if her former Hot Man Customer was now her current Hot Man Boss? So what if he also wanted to date her? With her terrible family and the burdens she carries, no way will Hector stay with her long term. He deserves someone better than her.

He feels he doesn’t deserve her.
Hector liked his Millie—his Amelia—since nearly the first moment they met. So what if she’s shy? He’ll wait for her. So what if her evil half-brother is making a repeat appearance? He’ll protect her. He’d never thought he’d be successful—not running a pub or being in a relationship—after losing his legs in the army. It’s been years and he’s still recovering, but he’s learned to live with his demons. He’ll work hard to make his pub and his relationship with Amelia a success, even if some days he doesn’t believe he deserves it.

What happens when they discover they’re both wrong?
When Amelia’s circumstances take a dangerous turn, Hector will do whatever it takes to help her, whether or not she wants it. Can they both overcome their fears and histories for a future together?

This novel features an older virgin and the disabled Army vet who wants her, a family made of friends that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional pub walls.

Read a Scene!

“What happened to me isn’t your fault.”

“If I was with you yesterday, if you’d had me at your back, no way would those motherfuckers have made a move on you. No one messes with you while I’m around. At least, not anymore.”

Wow. “Hector.”

“I like your soft voice, baby, and I want to know what I did to earn it. You’ll tell me later.”

They reached the ground floor—the rain had finally stopped—and he slowly put her down, his hands resting lightly at her waist, hers against his chest. She liked the feel of his chest.

He gave her hips a slight squeeze. “You’re right, I am moving things fast. I know what I want, and I’m not waiting for it anymore. I want you.”

Her heart stuttered, then started beating frantically. He wanted her. No one had ever wanted her before. She’d heard him say that before but, until today, until this moment, until she’d seen everything he’d done for her, she hadn’t really believed his claims. But today, after everything that had happened, she was beginning to believe it, to feel that this relationship was real.


“What happens when you stop wanting me?”

“Not gonna happen.”

Here was the panic again, just a different, more devastating kind. “But it could.”


“It could. You don’t know everything about me. You’ll change your mind.” She looked away at the ground, but he tilted her head back.

“Do you like me, Amelia?”

She licked her lips, frowning at the taste of the medicated lip balm she wore to heal her lips.

“Do you?”

Say it. Say it! “Yes.”

He grinned. “I like you. You like me. I’d say that was a good place to start.”

He liked her.

Hector Perez liked her! Still!

Even beat up and facing another drama, he still liked her.

And she’d admitted twice that day that she liked him.

Holy shit.

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • Physical assault
  • Emotional and verbal abuse (past and present)
  • All of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing

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