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Sarah & Vittorio (Royals of Valleria 9) PAPERBACK -- SIGNED

Sarah & Vittorio (Royals of Valleria 9) PAPERBACK -- SIGNED

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A princess who lives life to the fullest.

A prince looking beyond her royal mask.

Can a one-night stand become one night of forever?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Carole Buick “Sarah and Vittorio's story just like all the other Vallerian royals was fantastic. Can't wait for the next book 10.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Terri “Well worth the wait. Book 9 of the Royals of Valleria. It was a Fanfreakingtastic read. Characters that take you there. Dialogue that puts you dead smack in the thick of it. Sarah is beauty and brains. [Vittorio] is sexy and smart. Each have their issues but in the end fight to be together. Heartwarming, dramatic and hella sexy.” 


  • royal romance
  • fake relationship
  • one-night stand
  • Italian prince
  • romantic suspense
  • family saga


A princess who lives life to the fullest.
Princess Sarah of Valleria, ambassador to Italy, has been known to date a man or two in her time (though not at the same time—well, except that once, which was completely an accident), and she makes no apologies for it. One morning, however, she wakes up with a sexy man in her bed who turns out to be an Italian prince.

A prince looking beyond her royal mask.
Prince Vittorio ‘Rio’ Baziano never thought a night at a charity ball would end up with him in bed with a wildcat. When morning dawns, and it becomes clear she isn’t just the flighty socialite he thought she was, and he isn’t the random Italian she thought he was, they both begin to see other in a new light.

Can a one-night stand become one night of forever?
Once the press picks up on their royal romance, and the pictures and videos start circulating from the night before, they decide the best thing to do is to ride out the scrutiny. They’ll fake a fairytale romance for one month, and then they’ll part ways. One month to manage the fallout and convince royal relations to back their scheme. One month to pretend to like each other, then break up gracefully.

One month isn’t so long at all, is it? After all, it’s not like they’ll fall in love with each other.

With the paparazzi on their tails and their families reacting in devious and threatening ways, can they look past the fake to forever?

This novel features a fake royal romance that may turn real, one royal family that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional palace walls.

Read a Scene!

“I’m ready.”

He turned at her voice. And cursed. A lot. Inside his head, but it still counted.

She was dressed in white. Of course she was dressed in white. A minuscule, white bikini, with a flimsy, sheer, useless cover-up.

Thank Christ they were on a private beach, so no one could get close.

The pictures, though, would show it all.


He stood, arms crossed over his bare chest, at the edge of the wooden walkway that led to the beach. He gave her a toe-to-top look. He noticed the light pink color on her toes, and the graceful arch of her foot in sandals. He watched those legs—fuck, were they long—as she walked towards him. Her calves were toned but her curvy thighs drew his attention. They had a little extra to them and were made to grab on to while fucking. He liked a woman with a little more to her. Sarah had more on the inside and out. It was a new experience to be with a woman like her, and he liked it.

Maybe a little too much for what they were.

His eyes lingered on the small thatch of white at her crotch, tied with innocent strings on her wide hips; it would be only too easy to untie them and fuck her hard on the sand. He watched her hips sway as she moved, and the slight curve to her belly that he loved and that fit perfectly against his hand. She wasn’t ashamed to show a curvy body in a bikini, and damn if that confidence didn’t make him hard—or harder—too.

He caught the up and down movements of her breasts, their curves visible around the small white triangles covering them. They weren’t the pert, non-moving breasts of a young woman. No, they were the breasts of a woman older and more experienced with life, a little less perky but still sexy as fuck. Her nipples, brown and beautiful underneath the triangles, were just visible and pointed hard, just begging for his mouth to suck them, and suck hard. Her top was also fastened by strings, a halter-style around her neck and also tied around her back. He wouldn’t take her top off to fuck her, though. No, after her pussy was bare, he’d suck her nipple straight through the fabric, and watch her breasts jiggle as they fucked hard and fast. Maybe he’d fuck her first on the railing, maybe right here on the walkway, maybe in the hot sand or warm water.

Or maybe he’d just toss her over his shoulder, take them straight to their room, and fuck her for hours on their bed. Her grandmother would just need to have dinner on her own that night.

She stopped a few feet away, those few feet keeping her safe from him, for now. She tilted her head to the side and put a towel-filled hand against her hip. “What’s wrong?”

His voice was clipped, short, and barely restrained.

“You look angry.”

He almost laughed. “No, bella. I’m not angry.”

She frowned slightly. “Are you sure?”

“I’m horny, bella.”

She blinked, then her gaze tracked down, down, down, to his erect cock. “Oh.”

“I’d like to fuck you. Very hard. Right here. Right now.”

She inhaled, her entire body—and fuck him, her breasts—rising slightly with the movement.

He nodded to her outfit. “You call that a swimsuit?”

She turned her head away, her lips pursed as if to keep from smiling. “Yes.”

He grunted.

She eyed his own swim trunks, European-style which meant short and slightly clingy. “You call that a swimsuit?”


Her eyebrows popped up.

He stepped forward, closer to her, because his resistance was dwindling fast. “If I had my way, my swimsuit would be my skin.”

Her eyes raked him from head to toe, lingering again at his cock.

“I’d fuck you on the beach, in the water, in any goddamn place I chose, if I had my way.”

She clutched the towel to her body; it wouldn’t save her.

He stepped closer still. “We’d both be naked, all the time. Available for fucking anywhere, anytime.”

She stepped back, finally sensing the danger. “R-Rio, please.”

He grinned deviously. “Please what? Please fuck you hard right here, right now?”

She spluttered as she stepped back more, her body jumping when she reached the railing of the patio. She glanced wildly around. “The staff, the—I mean, we’re out in the open here.”

He took his sunglasses off, tossed them aside. When the full hunger in his eyes met the rising arousal in hers, she staggered slightly.

Fuck if that didn’t make him even harder.

He closed the distance between them, his arms latching around her. Their bodies were skin-to-skin. Not exactly like they’d been that night at the castle, but only flimsy scraps of cloth separated them. They weren’t drunk now, seeking solace in the dark night. They were wide awake in the bright of day.

One hand fisted in her hair. She’d pulled it up into a sort of messy bun, but he pulled that apart quickly. His other hand went straight to her ass. It was a little flat compared to everywhere else on her body, but there were benefits to a flat ass.

Right now, for example, in that skimpy bikini, his hand could easily slip under the edge of the fabric to squeeze and caress.

When she gasped, he swallowed it by taking her mouth again. Fuck, he loved her mouth. The hot, possessive taste of it. She took and took when she kissed, then gave and gave. It was a fucking dream.

Her calf curled around his leg, her flimsy bottoms rubbing against his thick cock. His fingers on her ass slid further under the fabric and towards the slit in her cheeks; another bonus to a flatter ass: easier access. His finger slid through her ass, brushing her entry in the back.

She moaned. The items she was still holding fell to the ground with a clatter and her arms vised around his neck.

She liked it. His princess, his dirty fucking princess liked it.

He rubbed her there a little more before his finger went lower, and lower, and lower, towards her slit in the front.

She was drenched. Her pretty pussy begging for his cock, for his finger, or for his mouth. Maybe for all three. His middle finger was so close. It was moving through the wet towards heaven. He brushed her folds, and—

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • Discussion of previous mental and physical abuse
  • Physical assault
  • All of Marianne Knightly's books feature sexy scenes and swearing

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